Jace's interest in personal finance and building wealth began at a very young age. Most of this was inspired by his parents journey to learn, and the hundreds of books his parents purchased trying to figure out their own finances. This lead him to start several ventures including, but not limited to, selling candy & snowcones, landscaping & mowing lawns, bailing hay, and a paper route. He graduated from Brigham Young University and started his career with PwC. He's an active CPA, and currently works as a CFO. Jace and his wife reside in Austin, Texas.


Fun Facts

  • Spent over $1,000 of his own money at Taco Bell in one year as a teenager
  • Worked as a janitor for 6 months in college
  • Called in on a T. Rowe Price commercial to get an investor materials before he was a teenager and they actually sent it
  • Completely destroyed the flower beds of his first lawn care customer the first week on the account with a weed eater

Clark's interest in saving and investing started with his parents. His dad encouraged him to save from a young age, doubling the money he saved from after school, and summer, jobs before he turned 18. Clark is a CPA and completed his undergrad in accounting from Brigham Young Unversity and his Masters in Accounting from the University of Notre Dame. He started his career with KPMG and now manages the accounting and finance for a real estate investment and property management company. Clark and his wife reside in New York City.



  • Sold family harvested honey on the street corner of a Blockbuster as a young teenager
  • Mowed lawns, pulled weeds, and strung tennis rackets for his highschool tennis team to earn extra money
  • Got fired by his dad while helping build his family's new home